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The urge to get up and dance whenever we hear music is universal across all human cultures. Whether the music is a simple drum or a full orchestra, dance across the globe reflects our deepest emotions, from love to fear to hope. Some dances can be done alone on the street, whereas others require a full dance floor and dozens of participants. From the smallest islands of Oceania to the hottest clubs of major cities, dance floors can be found wherever you go. Join us as we explore some of the most famous dances in the world—from the tango of Argentina to the bamboo-leaping tinikling of the Philippines—and see how different cultures use dance to tell a story or woo a partner or invoke the divine. Colorful costumes, rapid rhythms, and emotional expressions all come together to make up the world of dance. This book introduces you to dances both ancient and modern. Some dances have spread across the globe and others are only performed by a single tribe. Whatever the reason and whatever the footwork, dance reflects cultures and the human condition across the globe.
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ISBN 978-1-4222-4287-2



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Copyright: 2020

Dimensions: 6.5 x 9

Page count: 96