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Sports Psychology

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"Athletes the world over must train not only their bodies but also their minds. The science of sport psychology helps to unlock potential and overcome barriers as athletes search for pathways to victory. Employed by professional teams in search of victory, the stakes for sports psychologists are quite high, and a small advantage in a player’s mental strength can turn into a major advantage on the field. Psychologists work to develop better concentration, stress management, self-confidence, and teamwork among athletes, helping to make sure that the natural talents and physical skills are not impeded by a troubled mind. Sports psychologists not only help athletes to win championships, but also help them to overcome all manner of personal problems, including problems unique to an athlete’s lifestyle. Some athletes struggle with the limelight, turning to substance abuse, while others develop trust issues due to their celebrity and massive paychecks. A sports psychologist can provide troubled athletes with strategies, techniques, and coping mechanisms that help them to maintain focus and overcome the issues that can affect their careers."
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