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The Republican Party

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The Republican Party traces its origins to the mid-19th century, when it came together as a coalition of political groups. It ascended rapidly with the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, then fell into bitter disputes between moderates and radicals over the question of slavery in the wake of the Civil War. After failing to capture the White House for a long stretch of the 20th century, the party reframed its message for a new generation. This led to the rise of Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, and others who have helped carry the party forward to the present day. As today’s Republican Party tries to balance a pro-business agenda with a populist message, this book gives you the tools you need to understand how the party arrived to this point and where it might go next. Learn about the party’s key issues and policies, and the ways they have changed over time. Discover important figures in the party’s timeline. Video links and photographs help you see the story unfold, and lists of further resources round out your knowledge.
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Copyright: 2020

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Page count: 96