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The House of Representatives

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“Here, sir, the people govern.” So the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton characterized the House of Representatives, known to many as the “People’s House.” House members are always elected, never appointed, and serve only two-year terms. This ensures that new ideas are continually introduced into the legislative process. Yet the House has faced criticism for partisanship, gridlock, and inefficiency, and representatives for putting their own bids for reelection above the interests of the people. This book takes you into the heart of the House of Representatives. Learn about its origins and the debates between the Founders as they attempted to set up a new government. Discover the special duties of the House spelled out in the Constitution. Find out more about the relationship between the House and Senate, the importance of House committees, key pieces of legislation throughout history, and how a bill becomes a law. The actions of the House can have a lasting effect on Americans’ daily lives. This volume of the Know Your Government series will clue you in on all the action.
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ISBN 978-1-4222-4234-6



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Copyright: 2020

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Page count: 96