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The Democratic Party

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From its founding during the presidency of Andrew Jackson to the bitter divisions between northern and southern Democrats over the question of slavery and the party’s failure to occupy the White House for over 20 years after the Civil War, the Democratic Party has had its share of ups and downs. Yet it has always regrouped, and with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt to four consecutive presidential terms, it became a defining institution of 20th-century American life. This book guides you through the history of the Democratic Party, including the roots of the political party system in America and the role of now-defunct parties, such as the Federalists and the Whigs. Learn about key issues that have defined the Democratic Party throughout the years, especially protecting the interests of the working class. As the Democratic Party once again finds itself at a crossroads between progressive and moderate wings, this book will help you understand how it arrived at this historical moment and where it might go from here.
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