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Kayak Fishing

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Kayaks originated from canoes, used by ancient peoples from many cultures for both transportation and for catching fish. Native Americans built canoes from tree bark stretched over a frame of wood carved from a tree. Humans have fished since the beginning of history. They have grappled fish out of the water with their bare hands, woven nets from grass and tree fibers, and baited hooks made from bone. For thousands of years, people turned to fishing as a means of survival, but fishing in modern times has evolved into a sport that can be pursued in waters anywhere in the world. Fishing still pays homage to the sport’s ancient roots, but as fishermen constantly strive for bigger and better catches, inventors have created ultralight durable kayaks made from advanced materials. In this book, readers will learn everything they need to know about kayak fishing, from what kayak to choose to the gear you will need for your day out on the water. Every book in the Guides to Fishing series is packed with valuable information to make your fishing experience amazing and to help you make wise decisions out on the water. Connecting with nature can be fun and exciting if you have the right knowledge. Anyone can cast a line in the water, but it takes a lot of practice and knowledge to become a skilled fisherman. Find out exactly what it takes in these great books.
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