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Sculpture—three-dimensional art—is the oldest-known art form, dating back more than 40,000 years. From the earliest statues of gods and goddesses found today in museums, every world culture has created sculpture for many different audiences and purposes. Unlike two-dimensional paintings, sculpture is meant to be seen in the round, which means you can walk around it and look at it from every side and angle. From the famous ancestor statues of Easter Island to the Egyptian Sphinx, sculptors have created visions to awe, amaze, impress, and delight. Sculpture ranges from small stone ornaments used as jewelry or amulets to gold-covered depictions of the Buddha that are more than 10 stories tall. Sculpture may help people remember leaders like Abraham Lincoln or depict the beauty of nature or the human body. From stone monuments that have lasted thousands of years to creations made from the earth itself, like the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio and Utah’s Spiral Jetty, any material the human hand can touch, carve, or mold can become sculpture.
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