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Western society owes a lot to the Romans. Parts of our government, language, even culture can be traced back there. Here, you can join the Roman legion marching across Europe. Watch the Roman Senate as they scheme their way into power. Join the crowd in the Circus Maximus to watch the chariot races. In ancient Rome, families liked to go on vacation and lounge by the sea. They went to market, celebrated holidays, and even went out for dinner! Roman lives were like ours, but they were different in some ways too. Roman houses didn’t have bathrooms. Instead, everyone went to public baths, once every eight days. And when they partied, it went to extremes. They would eat so much that they would make themselves throw up! Travel back to ancient Rome to see what it was like to live in one of the largest-ever empires on Earth. Key Icons to look for have been placed throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain awareness, explore possibilities and expand their viewpoints through our content rich no n-fiction books. Key Icons are as follows: Words to Understand are shown at the front of each chapter with definitions. These words are then used in the prose throughout that chapter, and are emboldened, so that the reader is able to reference back to the definitions- building their vocabulary and enhancing their reading comprehension. Sidebars are highlighted graphics with content rich material within that allows readers to build knowledge and broaden their perspectives by weaving together additional information to provide realistic and holistic perspectives. Educational Videos allows the reader to view videos by scanning our QR codes, providing them with additional educational content to supplement the text. Examples include news coverage, moments in history, speeches, iconic sports moments and much more! Text Dependent Questions are placed at the end of each chapter. They challenge the reader’s comprehension of the chapter they have just read, while sending the reader back to the text for more careful attention to the evidence presented there. Research Projects are provided at the end of each chapter as well and provide readers with suggestions for projects that encourage deeper research and analysis. A Series Glossary of Key Terms is included in the back matter contains terminology used throughout the series. Words found here broaden the readers knowledge and understanding of terms used in this field.
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ISBN 978-1-4222-3521-8



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Copyright: 2019

Dimensions: 6.5 x 9

Page count: 64