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Peer Pressure to Smoke or Vape: Finding the Strength in You

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Peer pressure is a problem that everybody has to deal with at some point in their lives. During the middle-school and high-school years, peer pressure can be very hard to resist. During this time, many young people are pressured to try cigarettes, electronic vapor devices, or other tobacco products for the very first time. If they give in, they could develop a lifelong habit that could destroy their health. This book explains how peer pressure works, as well as how to resist it. The purpose of the series SMOKING AND VAPING ADDICTION is to examine various forms of nicotine use that are commonly used by teens and young adults, presenting information about the risks and dangers of taking this drug. The books in this series include information about the physical side effects and dangers of nicotine. The effects of nicotine use on society are also discussed. This series provides young readers with a greater understanding of the dangers of nicotine and how this drug has affected American culture and society over the past few decades.

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