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Core Training

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Everyone knows about the coveted “six-pack”, but there’s so much more to discover about core training. As the human body’s pillar of support, your core helps you move, keeps your organs safe, allows you to breathe, and makes you a better athlete. The muscles of the core are so critical that, without sufficient core strength and stability, you wouldn’t have learned how to walk. Core Training uncovers what’s underneath the surface - the science and anatomy behind your abs. In it, you’ll learn the benefits of core training, how to prevent injury, as well as exercises to safely build muscle and stability. Every book in the Fitness and Training series looks extensively at the impact of diet, exercise, mental training and physical training on the human body. Especially in the modern world, a lifestyle that includes fitness is critical to well-being and longevity, and this 8-title series helps you to adopt the right approach.
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