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South Korea

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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a unique Asian country that has been called a “miracle” of the East. This primarily mountainous country has over 50 million residents, most of whom reside in one major city: Seoul, the capital. When Japan lost World War II, Korea was divided into two zones. This was meant to be a temporary division, but it is still there today and South Korea encompasses the land that is south of the 38th parallel. The country has made a name for itself by becoming a highly developed country in a very short amount of time since its independence in 1948. Since the 1960s, South Korea has transformed itself from a poverty-stricken, agricultural society to one of the world’s most industrialized countries, specializing in high-quality manufactured goods as the 5th largest exporter of automobiles, ships, electronics, robotics, petrochemicals, and machinery. Located between powerhouses such as Russia, China, North Korea, and Japan, South Korea has had a long history of wars and negotiations. This book explains all you need to know about the ancient and current South Korea and provides a unique insight into this amazing country and its people. The Asian Countries Today series provides information on nine of the most important countries in Asia. Every book describes the history, geography, economy, culture, and relationship each country has with its neighbors. Furthermore, the series will encourage, inspire, and motivate the young reader to explore this fascinating subject in more depth
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