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Guns for Sport

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Each day, millions of Americans use their guns for recreation and sport. While gun sports are not always as publicized as the illegal use of guns, they nevertheless contribute to American gun culture, honing marksmanship, developing teamwork and discipline, and contributing to the world of nature conservation. Millions of Americans hunt, target shoot, or participate in shooting sports, with a strong track record of safety and even inclusion, and millions more Americans state that they may one day buy a gun to do so. The sports made possible by guns provide millions of Americans with an active, vibrant hobby. They contribute billions of dollars to the economy, leading to considerable funds for the maintenance of public parks and other natural places. They provide hundreds of thousands of Americans with jobs. While some gun sports like hunting are in decline, others, like high-school shooting competition, are growing in popularity. These sports continue to intertwine firearms with everyday American life.
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