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Welders use a variety of techniques to join and repair metal components. They help build bridges, pipelines, rockets, rollercoasters, and airplanes, among many other things. A career in welding is an excellent choice for those who like to work with their hands, solve problems, and use their critical-thinking skills. In this book, you’ll learn about job duties for welders, how to enter the field, key skills for success, methods of exploring welding careers while in school, and much more. Welder is just one of many exciting titles in the Careers with Earning Potential series. Readers will discover a range of fascinating careers that typically do not require a bachelor’s degree but provide a good middle-class income. There is also a title in the series, Become Invaluable in the Workplace: Set Yourself Apart, that teaches them how to present themselves professionally in their job application materials.


ISBN 978-1-4222-4475-3



ISBN 978-1-4222-7334-0




Copyright: 2022

Dimensions: 6.5 x 9

Page count: 80