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Seals & Sea Lions

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SEALS & SEA LIONS are found in all the world’s oceans, although they are at their most abundant in the coldest regions. The warmer seas such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean have only a few left. Some have even become isolated in fresh water; the Baikal seal lives in a vast freshwater lake far from any other seals and endures some of the harshest winter conditions on Earth. From seals to sea lions, as well as the walruses and manatees, is a pictorial celebration of these engaging mammals who have adapted to life both on land and in the water under a variety of different climates and conditions. Covered in detail are adaptations to life in water, streamlining and movement, keeping warm, molting, the senses, and descriptions of the specific characteristics of the various species and races. Illuminating in both words and remarkable pictures, SEALS & SEA LIONS is just one title in the acclaimed Creatures of the Ocean series. For those who want to delve into the amazing and sometimes mysterious world of ocean life, these books are a wonderful resource filled with scientific fact and beautiful photography.
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Copyright: 2020

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