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With 1.2 billion people, India is the second-most populous country on Earth and arguably the most diverse. During its history, which spans more than five thousand years, the subcontinent was variously ruled by both home-grown leaders and foreign conquerors. Each era added to the blend of traditions, ethnicities, languages, faiths, festivals, and the arts that make India the country it is today. Perhaps nothing better reflects Indian diversity and its people than the country’s rich, varied cuisine. Indian takes a look at each region's signature dishes and spices and at how cooking in India is an expression of family togetherness, friendship, and community connection. The Customs, Culture & Cuisine series explores the world’s most influential societies. Each volume provides a better understanding of their history and culture while showing how those elements impact and inform their cuisine and culinary styles. From key customs to traditional celebrations, food unites them all.
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Copyright: 2023

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