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Clinical Psychology

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"This book is an informative must-read for anyone who might seek psychotherapy, students who who are interested in becoming clinical psychologists, or even people who simply want to learn how the mind works. Ever since humanistic psychologists rebelled against Sigmund Freud’s theories, so many intriguing schools of thought have sprung up in the field of clinical psychology. Modern methods, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and family systems therapy, are brief and goal-focused. Positive psychology itself branched out in many directions. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and transpersonal psychology stress self-actualization and peak experiences. Strength-based therapy and goal-focused positive psychotherapy help people optimize their lives. Narrative CBT teaches people to narrate their life stories in new, improved ways. Coherence therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy delve into hidden layers of the mind where problems arise. Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy train people to stay in the present moment with meditation practice and awareness exercises. And metacognitive therapy, though fairly new, shows intriguing success in helping people overcome depression. This book is a bite-sized smorgasbord of what’s happening in clinical psychology, giving just a taste of each method to help people choose which areas to further explore."
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Copyright: 2023

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Page count: 80