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This series provides an overview of the major areas in which psychology helps people and organizations. Filled with fascinating case studies of therapeutic treatment in action, Psychology in Action explores the breadth and depth of the principal psychological disciplines. Each volume also includes career information as well as insights that can be applied to everyday life. Anne S. Walters, PhD, ABPP is the series consultant.


ISBN 978-1-4222-4702-0

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7th - 12th

6.5 x 9

This series provides an overview of the major areas in which psychology helps people and organizations. Filled with fascinating case studies of therapeutic treatment in action, Psychology in Action explores the breadth and depth of the principal psychological disciplines. Each volume also includes career information as well as insights that can be applied to everyday life. Anne S. Walters, PhD, ABPP is the series consultant.
Advertising and Marketing Psychology

by Leigh Clayborne

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Most people like to think of themselves as rational, but when it comes to choosing what to buy, logic has very little to do with it. Emotional responses, habitual behaviors, and subtle hidden persuasion rule the day. Marketing psychologists use scientifically proven techniques to influence everything from how people see their products to how much they’re willing to pay for them. Through a combination of true storytelling and science, the reader will explore how to become a marketing psychologist, the fascinating history of psychological marketing, the types of mental tricks that marketers use to convince them to buy their products, the dangers of falling for psychological marketing manipulations, and how every person can learn to identify these methods to become a more responsible and mindful consumer.

Business Psychology

by Amy Sterling Casil

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Business psychology, also called “industrial-organizational” (I-O) psychology, is the study and practice of how people interact in business and on the job. The field dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century with early pioneers like Frederick Taylor and Lillian Gilbreth, who was also a noted female engineer and product designer. I-O psychology is one of the fastest-growing fields in psychology, helping businesses to discover more effective ways of work. Business psychologists can work as clinical counselors in the workplace or consultants for management and leadership, or they can conduct research in marketing, human resources, or employment-related training. I-O psychologists also work with engineers and product designers to create ergonomically designed technology and environments. The nature of work and business is changing rapidly, thanks to new technology and ever-evolving human factors. From discovering the advantages of workplace diversity to studying the impact of virtual workspaces and teams, I-O psychologists work in one of psychology’s most vital and challenging fields.

Clinical Psychology

by Patricia Waldygo

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"This book is an informative must-read for anyone who might seek psychotherapy, students who who are interested in becoming clinical psychologists, or even people who simply want to learn how the mind works. Ever since humanistic psychologists rebelled against Sigmund Freud’s theories, so many intriguing schools of thought have sprung up in the field of clinical psychology. Modern methods, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and family systems therapy, are brief and goal-focused. Positive psychology itself branched out in many directions. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and transpersonal psychology stress self-actualization and peak experiences. Strength-based therapy and goal-focused positive psychotherapy help people optimize their lives. Narrative CBT teaches people to narrate their life stories in new, improved ways. Coherence therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy delve into hidden layers of the mind where problems arise. Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy train people to stay in the present moment with meditation practice and awareness exercises. And metacognitive therapy, though fairly new, shows intriguing success in helping people overcome depression. This book is a bite-sized smorgasbord of what’s happening in clinical psychology, giving just a taste of each method to help people choose which areas to further explore."

Criminal Psychology

by Amy Sterling Casil

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Criminal psychologists work with law enforcement and the courts to inform the legal process and discover causes and solutions for crime and criminal behavior. They can work for the court system, or for a law enforcement agency. One of the best-known duties of a criminal psychologist is criminal profiler, a process where traits of a criminal suspect can be identified and used to solve crimes. Criminal psychology is a relatively new field, emerging in the late 19th century. From the impact of child abuse and neglect on future potential criminal behavior to uncovering the way that criminals identify and target their victims, criminal psychology is a vital field that will continue to play an important part in justice and mental health. From neuroscience to counseling victims of crimes, criminal psychologists perform valuable and fascinating work.

Death and Dying Psychology

by Patricia Waldygo

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"This book is a crash course in thanatology, the study of death from every angle. America is a death-denying culture, and talking about death is the number-one taboo. Fear of death affects people’s lives in many ways. Learn how the hospice movement provides care and comfort for dying people. Read about Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who developed the five stages of grief and said that she became religious after hearing about her dying patients’ near-death experiences. Determine when to seek a grief counselor after the death of a loved one. Read case studies of people with extreme grief reactions who improved after therapy. (Students who want to become psychologists specializing in grief counseling can learn how in chapter 1.) Discover how grief can affect someone’s health, how “broken heart syndrome” can lead to death, and why a “bad death” from suicide, homicide, and violent accidents hurts loved ones more. Find out the latest on physician-assisted death and which states legally allow it. Learn the differences among a coma, a vegetative state, and brain death, as well as the bodily and psychological changes as death nears. This book describes healthy ways to accept death and answers the question “What does ‘dying well’ mean?”

Family Psychology

by Joyce A. Anthony

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"Family psychology is a vast area of the psychological field. Despite its name, those who work in the field deal not only with families but also with groups who often function like families, including those in a workplace or a community organization. Family psychology has the task of helping families and other groups of people function as a unit while at the same time recognizing the value of the individual. This book covers everything you need to know to better understand the practice of family psychology. It covers the basics such as history and education, but it goes deeper. You will learn to see the kinds of people the field can help, and you will see what valuable lessons family psychology has to teach us."

Media Psychology

by David Wilson

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Each day, we are bombarded with news, entertainment, and advertisements through the media. While many generations in history have been exposed to different types of media, none of them compared to the size or scale of modern media and modern audiences. Media psychologists study the influence of everything from radio to social media, helping to better understand how people react to technology, information, and communications. These psychologists may have a variety of different career roles: they may work for a business to improve sales, or they may work for the government agency that regulates these businesses and determines what they may or may not broadcast.

Performance Psychology

by Amanda Turner

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Performance psychologists work with actors, musicians, athletes, public speakers, and others who need their natural talent to shine when they get in front of a crowd. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for helping performers make full use of their talent, and performance psychologists work closely with clients to create treatment plans that push them to the top of their game. Using therapeutic techniques like meditation, visualization, imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more, performance psychologists can help performers who experience anxiety, fear of failure, and other issues that can hold them back from maximizing their potential.

Rehabilitation Psychology

by Joyce A. Anthony

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"Disabilities come in many varieties, both visible and hidden. Losing a limb or eyesight is life-changing. Disabilities can take the form of physical impairment such as these or they can take the form of hidden difficulties such as mental health issues, limited mental capacity, addiction, and homelessness. Even being newly released from prison can pose challenges to living a productive and full life. These things present both physical and psychological challenges. It is the task of a rehabilitation psychologist to help those with disabilities and their families get to a place where the disabled person can experience the greatest quality of life possible. This can include things like counseling, helping make school and workplaces more accessible, and helping a person get the equipment they need to function on a daily basis. Learn what all a rehabilitation psychologist does and how you can pursue this as a career."

School Psychology

by Laura D. Radley

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"School psychologists are unsung heroes who help children access special education services, overcome trauma, learn how to cope with mental disabilities, develop strong self-esteem, and discover what they want to do when they grow up. They foster tolerance, compassion, and resilience in the classroom, showing students the beauty of a world where everyone is accepted and loved for who they are. School Psychology offers a glimpse into how these dedicated individuals learn their trade, get a license, and use their skills to make life better for tens of millions of students, educators, and parents. School Psychology is part of the Psychology in Action series. These eleven books offer an amazing insight into how the human mind works, why we love certain things and hate others, and how we can become the best versions of ourselves. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to study psychology as a profession, but it is sure to interest those who aren’t aspiring psychologists but who do want to cultivate good habits, learn how to make smart decisions, find ways to get along better with their peers, and enjoy the many benefits of living an ethical, compassionate life."

Sports Psychology

by David Wilson

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"Athletes the world over must train not only their bodies but also their minds. The science of sport psychology helps to unlock potential and overcome barriers as athletes search for pathways to victory. Employed by professional teams in search of victory, the stakes for sports psychologists are quite high, and a small advantage in a player’s mental strength can turn into a major advantage on the field. Psychologists work to develop better concentration, stress management, self-confidence, and teamwork among athletes, helping to make sure that the natural talents and physical skills are not impeded by a troubled mind. Sports psychologists not only help athletes to win championships, but also help them to overcome all manner of personal problems, including problems unique to an athlete’s lifestyle. Some athletes struggle with the limelight, turning to substance abuse, while others develop trust issues due to their celebrity and massive paychecks. A sports psychologist can provide troubled athletes with strategies, techniques, and coping mechanisms that help them to maintain focus and overcome the issues that can affect their careers."