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Most people think that there are only two options for a person’s sex: female and male. But there a lot of people who don’t fit strictly into either of those categories?almost 2 percent of the population by some estimates! There are over 30 different genetic traits that can be considered intersex, meaning that these traits are not generally considered to be “typical” of either females or males. For many intersex people, these genetic traits have a huge impact upon their lives and their identities, in ways that can be difficult for others to understand. This book makes this complex issue understandable and accessible. Intersex people have a long history of mistreatment by the medical field and a culture of silence surrounding important parts of who they are. Until recently, it was a topic rarely discussed, leaving intersex people to believe that they were alone and isolated. But more and more, intersex people are coming together to share in their common experiences and raise awareness of intersex lives. In this book, you’ll learn about the issues facing intersex people and the brave activists fighting to make a difference for their community.
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Copyright: 2023

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