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Female-to-Male Transgender

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As transgender people gain acceptance in society, more and more individuals are discovering and coming to terms with their transgender identity. Yet despite the fact that trans men transition at similar rates to trans women, trans men and nonbinary transmasculine individuals remain largely invisible in the media and to most of the population. Even so, the Internet and the rise of social media has allowed transmasculine individuals who were once isolated from one another to form thriving online communities. Our frameworks and language to describe transgender identities are rapidly evolving, and they are only just beginning to capture the rich diversity of trans experience. While in previous decades, what it meant to be a trans man was strictly defined as being binary and male-identified, many transgender individuals are discovering that they do not fit neatly into the categories of man or woman. Nonbinary transmasculine individuals are just as valid as binary-identified trans men and have the same options for social and medical transition.
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