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The Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court is the highest-level judicial body in the United States. Its nine justices are called upon to decide cases that can have tremendous effect on the lives of all Americans. These cases touch on a range of hot-button issues, from marriage equality to government surveillance to corporate monopolization. The fact that the Court’s justices serve for life can make the confirmation process highly politicized, with both parties engaging in strategies to delay or block hearings. Despite occasional partisanship, the Supreme Court is designed to be the most neutral of the three branches of government. Justices do not represent political parties but interpret the law in the spirit of the Constitution. This book will introduce you to the day-to-day workings of the Court, including the ways the justices arrive at their decisions, noteworthy figures of the Court’s history, and the layout of the Court building. Understanding of the Court is crucial as it continues to shape public life in America. Read on to get the knowledge you need.
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Copyright: 2020

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