The Changing Face of Modern Families

There are many types of families today, all of them with their own challenges and advantages. This series discusses these different family types and asks the reader to consider what defines a family.


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Adoptive Parents
by Rae Simons

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Some couples can't have children, for a variety of reasons. Too many children don't have families of their own to love and care for them. When these couples reach out to adopt, they gain the children they were longing for, and they also find a whole set of issues and complications, some of them unique to their situation. Raising any child has challenges, and raising an adopted child has some extra ones. What about birth families? Are they going to be a part of the child's life? What do you tell the child about his birth and adoption? The families in this book have all had their own struggles and complications they've had to deal with, but they've had many joys as well and learned a lot through their experiences.

Blended Families
by Rae Simons

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1492-3 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Children growing up in blended families, with stepparents and stepbrothers and stepsisters, face many of the same challenges as children growing up in more traditional families, along with some that are unique to their situation. How do they work out their relationships with the nonbiological members of the family? How do they deal with the children's other family members who don't live with them? The families in this book are challenged by these questions every day. They see difficulties and benefits in their experiences and their stories share many of the things they have learned in their lives.

Celebrity Families
by Sheila Stewart

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1503-6 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Sometimes celebrity families seem to have it all. Whether they're actors, famous athletes, major politicians, or royalty, these families usually have money and a glamorous lifestyle. At least that's the perception. In reality, celebrity families have a lot of the same issues other families have, along with a few others. Celebrity families have to deal with constantly living in the public eye, having their every move studied and judged. The non-famous family members have to live in the shadow of their famous parent, child, or sibling, which can often mean being compared to them or having people pretend to be friends just to get close to that family member. The stories in the book tell about a few of these celebrity families and how fame has affected their lives and the lives of their family members.

Families Living with Mental and Physical Challenges
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1501-2 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
When a child is born with mental or physical disabilities or develops them at some point after birth, the family experiences a variety of challenges. The person with the disability must learn to cope with his or her own problem, but the other family members also need to adjust. There will always be sadness in such situations, but there is often joy as well. The families in this book have dealt with many emotions and more concrete problems as well. They have things they regret about their situations, but things they are pleased with. When a member of the family has a mental or physical disability each family member learns something from the experience and their stories share some of these things.

First Generation Immigrant Families
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1499-2 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
The United States has a long history of immigration. For centuries, people have been coming to this country in search of new lives. When they arrive, both in the past and today, the children usually adapt to the new country first. This creates a unique set of challenges for the family as they live with two cultures and, often, two languages. The families in this book have experienced these challenges and have dealt with problems that came from adjusting to a new place and a new way of life. They have struggled, done some things wrong and some things right, and they have learned much about themselves, their families, and their cultures.

Foster Families
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1497-8 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Over half a million children in the United States are in foster care. Some of them have been removed from their parents because of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Some of their parents have died or been put into prison. When these children are taken in by foster parents, they become part of a family. Sometimes this family has nearly as many problems as the child's original family, but sometimes it can be a place where the child learns about love and belonging. Foster families, both the parents and children, face many challenges but they can also be extremely rewarding. The families in this book have had both good and bad experiences, but they have all learned things from what they have faced.

Gay and Lesbian Parents
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1495-4 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Same-sex marriage is an often-debated topic these days. When children are added to the picture, the issue can become even more controversial. Are children harmed by growing up in families with gay or lesbian parents? Do they struggle with more issues as young people or adults than those who were raised in more traditional families? These are some of the questions this book addresses. The families in this book have thought about issues like these. Except for those families who already had children when they came out as being homosexual, they have had to go through artificial insemination or adoption in order to have children. These families are intentional and they think a lot about how to give their children the best possible lives. What are the good things about growing up in a family with same-sex parents? What are the difficulties? The families in this book try to answer just those questions.

Growing Up in Religious Communities
by Sheila Stewart

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1500-5 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
It can be tough to be different. Children growing up in a religious community are separated from the rest of the world in some way or another, either by what they wear, their rituals, what they are not allowed to eat or do, or else by not mixing at all with those outside the community. These families have many strengths, and can give their children a strong emotional foundation on which to build their own lives, but they also have their own set of challenges. The families in this book have dealt with some of these challenges, and whether or not the children grow up and remain a part of the community, their experiences will always be with them.

Kids Growing Up Without a Home
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1498-5 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
What happens when a family has nowhere to live? Some families have lost their houses because of financial difficulties or natural disasters and don't have the resources to find new homes. Their lives become a struggle to meet their basic needs. Some live in shelters, some with friends or relatives, some on the streets or in their car. Many have trouble staying together. Can children growing up in these families really survive and have good lives? Are there good things these family members have learned from their situations? This book tells the stories of several families who have experienced homelessness and tries to answer some of those questions.

Multiracial Families
by Julianna Fields

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1494-7 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
What kind of challenges do multiracial families face? What kinds of issues do families deal with when the mother and father are of different races and the children are a mixture of the two? What about when the parents are of one race but have adopted children of another? Some of their challenges are the same as families who are all of the same race, of course, but there are others that arise because of their multiracial nature. Do they have trouble understanding what each other are going through because they do not share a race? What about culture? Should they celebrate their different races separately or blend them together to create new traditions? These are the kinds of questions the families in this book deal with frequently. What they have learned from their experiences can help us as well as we relate to people of different cultures.

Single Parents
by Rae Simons

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1493-0 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Maybe you've heard the statistics about children growing up in single-parents families. According to a lot of the research, these kids are more likely to struggle in school, have difficulties with the law, and deal with drug and alcohol abuse?along with other problems. But does growing up with a single parent have to mean these things will happen? Are these children going to lead worse lives than those with two parents? This book tells the stories of several single-parent families, their struggles and the things they have learned from their situations. They are not concerned with the statistics, but with making their family and themselves the best they can be.

Teen Parents
by Rae Simons

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1491-6 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
When a teenager becomes pregnant, what are her options? If she decides to keep the baby, what kind of life will the baby have? What will the mother's life be like? And what about teenage fathers? This book talks about many of these issues and tells the story of some teen parent families. The people in this book are very aware of the difficulties involved in being a teen parent family. They know how hard it can be. But they can also tell you the ways their situation has made them stronger, what they have learned, and what you can learn from them.

What Is a Family?
by Sheila Stewart

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-1528-9 $22.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Single-parent families. Blended families. Gay or lesbian-parent families. Traditional families. Grandparents raising grandchildren. There are so many types of families today, all of them with their own challenges. Are nontraditional families new? Or did they exist throughout history in some form or other? And what makes some families strong, while others struggle? Are some families so nontraditional that they can't really even be considered families? These are some of the questions this book addresses.

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