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Giants of the Sea

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GIANTS OF THE SEA have fascinated humans since the days of the first seafarers. Many myths and legends involving sea serpents and other monsters of the deep sprang from sightings by ancient peoples and still intrigue us today. The best known of these are the great whales, the largest living creatures on Earth. Hunted almost to extinction, whales are slowly recovering in numbers and have become star tourist attractions in many areas. In contrast to these gentle giants, the killer whale is a vicious predator renowned for its cunning in hunting its prey. These colossal sea animals are brought to life here along with varied creatures such as the giant clam, the bizarre ocean sunfish, the tentacled giant squid, and the poisonous giant jellyfish. These unique forms and their prey demonstrate the variety and complexity of life in the sea. Illuminating in both words and remarkable pictures, GIANTS OF THE SEA is just one title in the acclaimed Creatures of the Ocean series. For those who want to delve into the amazing and sometimes mysterious world of ocean life, these books are a wonderful resource filled with scientific fact and beautiful photography.
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Copyright: 2020

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