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The Civil War

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From the time the United States of America was established, slavery had been a divisive issue. As the country grew and expanded westward, compromises by leaders of the Northern and Southern states were required to maintain national unity. By 1861, however, there appeared to be no room for further compromise, and 11 Southern states sought to secede and form a separate country. The U.S. government refused to recognize secession as legal, and sent troops to quell this rebellion. The result was a four-year-long civil war in which more than 600,000 Americans lost their lives. This book in the MAJOR U.S. HISTORICAL WARS series examines the events that led up to the American Civil War. It discusses the political and military strategies that Union and Confederate leaders employed, and provides information about key people, battles, and events. The eventual victory by Federal troops preserved the United States, and led to freedom for some 4 million African-Americans who had been living in slavery in the South.
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