Understanding Obesity

As childhood obesity becomes a more serious problem each year, young people must be equipped with knowledge that could help them change their own unhealthy habits and avoid a lifetime of chronic medical issues that come with being overweight or obese. This series helps readers to truly understand the global issue of obesity. Each title in this series focuses on a different aspect of the obesity epidemic, from the health issues caused by excess weight to the dramatic consequences of our cultures obsession with body image.


ISBN 978-1-4222-3056-5
10 volumes
6 3/8 x 9 1/4 inches
Victor Garcia M.D.
Director, Comprehensive Weight Management Center, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
* This series takes a closer look at obesity and at the factors involved.
* With quality sidebars, vocabulary building icons, text-dependent questions, and suggested research projects, users get a broader understanding of obesity and its causes.
* Health and physical education teachers will find this series supplementary to any textbook, or one that could be used for additional information.
* Full-color pictures complement the text.
* Even those who are educated on the topic will find useful information here and get a deeper understanding of the marketing behind obesity and the chemical processes that take place in the body manipulating our nutritional behaviors.
* Researchers will find this series particularly useful as the up-to-date information is covered thoroughly.
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Big Portions, Big Problems
by Ellyn Sanna

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3057-2 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8840-5 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach." Many of us have heard this familiar warning against overeating. But no matter how many times we hear it, changing our eating habits can be difficult. Instead of counting calories, we often judge food by how it looks . . . and by its size. In today's obesity epidemic, large portion sizes are a major factor. Find out how eating habits have been shaped by our love of bigness. Learn about what's best for your long-term health--and what you need to do to begin changing bad eating habits now.

Discrimination & Prejudice
by Autumn Libal

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3058-9 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8841-2 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Around the world, many people face discrimination because of the shapes of their bodies, their weight, or the way they look. People who would never discriminate against others because of skin color or some physical challenge often think it's perfectly okay to judge others based on weight. Many of us don't think twice about judging other people's appearance--but most of us also know the pain of feeling bad about the way we look. Learn about the ways in which our culture discriminates against people who are overweight and obese. Discover the harmful effects of judgment and stigmatization when it comes to weight. Understand the myths that surround the causes and solutions for obesity--and get to know the facts. Find out the true costs of body-hate!

Emotions & Eating
by Joan Esherick

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3059-6 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8842-9 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
We all need to eat. Food is a basic life necessity, but it can mean so much more to us than merely taking in enough food to keep hunger at bay. We eat when we're sad, happy, bored, lonely, excited, and for many other reasons. Many people have complicated relationships with food and their emotions. For many of us, eating is a way to escape painful feelings. For others, no good feeling can go without a celebratory meal--and maybe even some overeating. But all this emotional eating can lead to serious health consequences, including obesity--the state of being very overweight. Learn more about why people's emotions push them to eat the way they do, and discover how people develop unhealthy emotional relationships with food. When you understand the risks of eating because of your emotions, you'll be able to understand your body's needs better--and you'll know how to stick with healthy eating, no matter how you're feeling.

Exercise for Fitness & Weight Loss
by Autumn Libal

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3060-2 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8843-6 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Today, obesity--the state of being very overweight--is a problem that gets worse each year, particularly as many people spend less time exercising and more time on the couch or sitting at a computer. The health risks caused by excess weight and obesity are numerous and can be deadly. While we're learning more and more about the harmful consequences of excess weight, many people still have a hard time slimming down. Real, healthy weight loss can seem like a mystery. Explore the causes of the weight epidemic and the health risks that stem from excess weight. Discover the part that physical fitness plays in today's obesity crisis. Learn how fitness--not just slimness--should be the goal of those trying to lose weight. Make physical activity a part of your life!

Fast Food & the Obesity Epidemic
by Autumn Libal

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3061-9 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8844-3 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Obesity--the state of being very overweight--is more than a problem in the world today; it's a crisis. One out of every three adults is obese. Childhood obesity is a major health concern as well. Experts agree that fast food is one of the most significant factors behind bigger bodies. For many people, fast food has become more than a quick way to grab a meal; it has become a way of life. Learn how fast food and the fast-food industry have shaped not only our bodies but also our lifestyles. Discover how to fight the fast-food industry's hold over the world's diet.

Health Issues Caused by Obesity
by Jean Ford

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3062-6 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8845-0 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Today, more and more people around the world are overweight. The health risks associated with obesity can be life threatening and should be taken seriously. Excess weight increases the risk for a host of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and respiratory problems. Even children are suffering the consequences of excess weight and obesity. Learn about the various health risks associated with our expanding bodies and how obesity can cause many different health problems throughout life. Discover the true cost of obesity, both to those who face the condition and to our society as a whole.

Looking & Feeling Good in Your Body
by Joan Esherick

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3063-3 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8846-7 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Many of us have looked in the mirror and thought, "If only I could change the way I look. If only I could be different." Most people have, at one time or another, wished to look more like someone else, someone we know or someone we've seen in movies or on TV. For many people, this desire stems from living in a society that values thinness and a particular representation of beauty above all else. Discover the factors that influence how we view ourselves and our bodies. The choice to see yourself as valuable and beautiful--no matter what you may look like--is up to you!

Nature & Nurture: The Causes of Obesity
by William Hunter

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3064-0 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8847-4 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
As the number of people with obesity increases, the health problems tied to this condition are also increasing. Conditions like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and many forms of cancer--all conditions that may be associated with or aggravated by excess weight and all conditions that can be potentially deadly--are not only common among adults but also more common among younger people than ever before. Even as people become more conscious that excess weight is a medical problem, many people still view obesity as a personal problem--something caused by laziness, gluttony, or even stupidity. Maybe people still don't realize that weight and body size aren't simply a matter of what we eat and how much we exercise. Discover the true causes of obesity, from our genetics to the way in which we were raised. Understand the truth behind our culture's myths about obesity and weight.

No Quick Fix: Fad Diets & Weight-Loss Miracles
by Jean Ford

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3065-7 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8848-1 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
Obesity is a major modern health problem. The obesity epidemic has spawned a multi-billion-dollar industry, promising miracle weight-loss solutions, get-thin-quick diets, and too-good-to-be-true diet pills. According to recent government statistics, Americans alone spend $61 billion on diet products each year, which is equal to $200 being spent for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Whether they truly have a weight problem or just believe they would look better if they lost weight, millions of people around the world are scrambling for weight-loss solutions. But even with all the promises from the weight-loss industry, people are still gaining weight, and obesity rates have never been higher. Learn the truth about quick-fix diets and miraculous obesity cure-alls. Discover that most of these products are part of the problem rather than the solution. Learn how to reach your fitness goals without relying on fads, myths, and empty promises.

Surgery & Medicine for Weight Loss
by William Hunter

Hardcover ISBN 978-1-4222-3066-4 $24.95 (USD) Add To Cart
eBook ISBN 978-1-4222-8849-8 $31.95 (USD) Add To Cart
One of the biggest health concerns today is obesity. More and more people have been diagnosed with obesity over the last few decades, especially in developed countries like the Unites States. Obesity is a major problem that many people are struggling to fix. Because obesity is such a serious and prevalent medical condition, modern medicine has developed many different ways to fight it. Sometimes, diet and exercise aren't enough--and that's when a doctor may prescribe a medical intervention. Discover some of these techniques, from surgery to medications.

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