Teens Who Make a Difference in Rural Communities: Youth Outreach Organizations and

Teens Who Make a Difference in Rural Communities: Youth Outreach Organizations and

by Jean Ford

Have you ever complained about the tap water at home or in your school water fountains? How about all the trash along the road or in a local creek or park? Did you do anything about your complaints?How did you feel when you saw the images of 9/11, or heard about the 2004 Tsunami or the AIDS epidemic in Africa? Did you feel anything at all?What do you think when you encounter a handicapped person at school, or a senior citizen struggling with a heavy grocery-store door, or younger kids roaming the neighborhood with nothing to do, or a homeless person in your path? Such circumstances make many of us feel awkward, embarrassed, sad or angry, usually just for a moment. Some people don\\\'t notice such things at all. Still others just feel helpless to do anything and walk away. Thankfully, the youth highlighted in this book don\'t fall into any of those categories. Each of them noticed a need, let themselves feel, found a way to impact what he or she saw, and took action- and they were all from rural America. A few of these young champions reached out using solely their own resources; many more sought adult help, approached their local schools and clubs, or worked through well-established community-outreach organizations. In this book, you\\\'ll not only witness their remarkable journeys, you\\\'ll also learn about the more common groups offering North American kids the chance to make a difference-in their homes, communities, regions, states, provinces, nations, or world. Join the adventure!


ISBN 978-1-4222-0013-1
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7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches
96 pages

Part of the Series: Youth in Rural North America

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